We spend 90% of our time indoors, away from nature

A livingwall brings the green inside. It offers significant advantages over potted plants.

Anthurium veitchii on living wall

A vertical surface has more visual impact

Ficus rooting in Living Wall felt

Plants root freely and make larger leaves

Living Wall aroids

Compact solution requiring little space

A living system

Continuous experimenting led to the first few prototypes of 260x80x30cm

Compact Green Living Wall

A living system

Continuous experimenting led to the first few prototypes of 260x80x30cm

  • Mobile

    The livingwall is mounted on wheels, allowing you to move it whenever you need to

  • Smart irrigation

    An automatic irrigation system ensures plants always get the right amount of water

  • WiFi connected

    Sensor data is sent to the cloud and accessible from everywhere

  • Compact

    The system takes up minimal space on the ground while maximizing green area

Constant monitoring

A smart control box constantly monitors important parameters such as temperature and water availability. An automatic irrigation system takes care of the plants' needs.

Compact Green Living Wall Control Box

Always connected

The behaviour of the livingwall is tracked online and a notification is sent when something unexpected occurs. All data is accesible through a custom dashboard.

Go to dashboard
Compact Green Online Dashboard


We are currently experimenting with different materials, vegetation and living wall systems. Click on an image to read more about the project.

Edible vertical garden at Botanical Garden TU Delft
Vertical garden with tropical house plants
Living wall with mint vegetation
Vertical Garden TU Delft
Edible green wall at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

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